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Eye Care

Expert eye care in Adelaide

Mark O’Connor Optometrist provides high quality eye care services for clients of all ages throughout Adelaide. With practices based in Newton and Marden, Mark makes visiting the optometrist simple and stress free. Take a look at some of our eye care offers below and book a consultation with Mark to learn more about taking better care of your eyes.

Glasses and Contact lenses

We receive no commission from the sale of glasses while contact lenses and consultation fees are mostly bulk billed to Medicare. National Pharmacy members receive 20% off the purchase price of contact lenses. As we receive no commission and bulk bill to medicare, we’re able to create a relaxed environment with no pressure to issue prescriptions unless necessary. This means that you’re getting honest advice and instructions on how to best care for your eyes. 
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young woman inserting contact lens

Contact lens prescribing

Mark enjoys trying a variety of contact lenses. With constant advancements in contact lens technology, Mark is often able to help clients find the right pair even if a client has had trouble with contact lenses in the past. By using a corneal topographer, Mark ensures an accurate RGP (hard lens) fitting which allows for patients to have orthokeratology. 

Mark can order contact lenses from most suppliers and have the lenses ready within a couple of days. If you’re happy with your lenses and have had a recent prescription for contact lenses, Mark offers National Pharmacy members 20% off the price of their contact lenses.


Contact lenses
National Pharmacy members receive 20% off
Daily contact lenses 
90 pairs members pay from $150 

Fortnightly lenses 
6 pairs members pay from $80

Monthly lenses 
3 pairs members pay from $70 

Extended wear lenses 
3 pairs members pay from $95

Learn more about expert eye care with Mark O’Connor. Call 08 8336 4356 or 08 8363 6555. 

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